Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zara I Basic Sandals

 I first talked about these shoes in this post, and since then, I've worn it all over town. I was willing to forego comfort for a little bit for this beauty, but surprisingly, they do not make my feet/ legs ache! Definitely an attention grabber, I do not think I've received so many compliments on my shoes ever before. From women and men alike. And like me, when I ran after that lady to ask about these shoes, I've had several people come huffing and puffing, asking me where I got these!

The first time I wore them, it was with a simple white button down and black pencil skirt. I figured I had to play it safe so that the orange is not so overwhelming. But I've worn it with lots of different colors, and it really can act as a neutral! Here it is with a simple purple tank top, black cardigan and black skirt.

One of these days, I will muster up the chutzpah and wear it with more vivid, brighter colors!

Covering the still there post baby bump

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