Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Cold Weekend

Leather Jacket (old, Neiman Marcus)
Jeans (Old Navy)
Bag (Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini)
IT was a blustery, wet, gloomy weekend. Eric (the hubby), Eidan, the 2 dogs, and I pretty much just stayed home and enjoyed being lazy. It was lots of play time, eating cold pizza, watching movies, and playing with the puppies. We had a lazy, relaxing time celebrating Eidan's 4th month.

The sun finally came out on Sunday, even if it was still a bit chilly (chilly here in TX is anything that drops below 70'). I bundled the little man up and off to Babies 'R Us we went since I promised him we would look at jumpers/activity centers.

Eidan likes the Fisher Price Luv u Zoo

We looked at a Baby Einstein, several different models of Fisher Price, and I let him "try" them out. Some other moms were looking at me funny. But hey, I don't want to buy something that my son will not be comfy in and not like!

I'm still on the fence about which one to get... any suggestions?


  1. Hiiii fellow TPFer and RM lover :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog! You MUST show close up pictures of your beautiful red MAM! I am loving a blood red or deep red MAM with new strap but it's so hard to find any lol
    I am following you! Let's share each others' RMs! ;)

    1. HI! i got mine from endless, and then i saw one on bluefly (on sale for less than $300 to boot!).

  2. Hey there!

    Defo go for the one pictured, we got it for my daughter and she still jumps in it at 15 months! She loves it!

    I am from by the way! Great blog! xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the feedback! So many baby items to choose from, it gets overwhelming sometimes!