Friday, March 9, 2012

Beauty Friday: Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color 221C Everybody Loves Redmond

I've finally decided what to blog about on Fridays-- Beauty! As a mom to an infant, I find myself with very little time for long beauty routines. Right now, I love anything that is multiple purpose, or fast drying, quick absorbing, anything that will not be too time consuming to use.

Enter Wet n Wild's Fast Dry Nail Polish. Everybody Loves Redmond (221C) is a beautiful red with slight orange undertones. It works very well with my yellow undertoned skin, not making it look garish on my nails. Two coats was enough to get the coverage I wanted, no streaks, no bubbling, just a smooth application all throughout. Now, on to the most important thing-- how fast did it dry? 60 seconds! Granted, I didn't start scrubbing floors or working in the garden or anything like that, but it was dry and smooth to the touch in 60 seconds. I just washed my hands with soap and cold water, put on some lotion, and I was set to leave the house! I did not put on any topcoat or even a base coat but this polish lasted a good 7 days before the tips of my nails started showing some wear. I type a lot, and do housework without gloves or anything, and with no topcoat, 7 days is pretty impressive.

So, this gets my Mom Thumbs Up! It saves me time, and the bright cheerful color makes me smile. Oh, and my son loves to play with my hands when I have nailpolish on, I guess the bright color draws his eyes to it.

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