Friday, March 16, 2012

Beauty Friday: Pastel Nails

I'm on a nail polish kick lately, it's such a fun way to add color, and as I mentioned in a previous post, my son likes looking at the colors. This week, I decided to jump on the pastel nail polish bandwagon.

Purple on the fingers and mint green on the toes

Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings (available at drugstores)

Dots nail polish (there was no name on the bottle)
I wore both without a topcoat (because I have not had the time to get  new bottle after mine ran out), and with normal activities at home and work, it has lasted a good amount of time on my nails. Neither of these 2 claim to be quick drying, but after 2 coats of both, drying time was still fairly quick. Sally Hansen has always been a good nail polish brand for me, but this was the first time I tried a store brand polish. Quite surprised at how good the color and application was for the Dots polish. Both applied very smoothly, and yielded the color  you see in the bottle after 2 coats (1 coat is streaky).

What do you think? Have you or are you planning on trying out the pastel nail polish trend?

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