Monday, April 29, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I had a day off from work this past week, and it finally gave me time to do a few house projects I've been meaning to get to. Of course, this all happened after doing several loads of laundry, preparing and freezing our week's worth of slow cooker meals (I've just started doing this, we'll see how it goes!), and cleaning the house.

I love browsing Pinterest and a lot of the ideas I find there are really so cute! I got some Ikea Ribba picture ledges and placed it behind the door for a little reading nook. Still have 2 shelves to put up, but Eidan is already going crazy about his new "library"!

I also finally framed the "1st Year milestones" I made for his birthday last November. I used a frame that I had lying around (also from Ikea). I cannot believe just a few short months ago, my little one had just turned one (read about it here)

 And speaking of growing up, he just keeps climbing on everything!!

And at the park this weekend, he showed me that he is a big boy and he can go down the slide ALL BY HIMSELF (cue sniffling sound from Mom as I realize how independent he really is getting). I managed to get a quick Video because his cousin was able to keep an eye on him.
My little man will be 18 months this May. Time is flying by so fast, sometimes I still can't believe how much things change from day to day. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I miss so many of his moments because I am at work, but I know this is all worth it. He is growing up beautifully, healthy, happy, and very curious about the world around him. And at the end of the day, no matter how tired I am from work, or how cranky I may be from lack of rest and sleep, his smile makes everything better!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feeding Time

Is everyone else's toddler as picky as mine?
At 17 months, Eidan just started eating "solids" better. He has had 4 teeth since 11 months old and is now just getting more, so maybe it's more comfortable for him to chew on stuff. I'm jumping up and down with happiness but it seems he only likes a few types of food -- and they're all carbs! Mac 'n Cheese, Spaghetti, French Fries, Pizza... these are his staples. Mealtimes are sometimes a struggle because I try to get him to eat other things, such as fruits and veggies, but he just flat out refuses. Right now, I've resorted to fruit and veggie smoothies so he is at least getting some healthy stuff in him, but every time I see a toddler eating their fruits and veggies, it gets me frustrated that mine isn't.
Sigh... but I do count my blessings, so I am happy he seems more comfy with table food now... and quite adept at eating with a fork! Check out his YouTube video.
As a mom, I know good nutrition is important, but this little man puts up quite a battle!

Mmm-mmm, spaghetti!

Finger lickin' good!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun in the Sun

It's starting to get warmer in San Antonio and I finally caved in and bought a water play table (Little Tikes Endless Adventures Spiralin' Seas) for Eidan. This kid LOVES the water! Since its not hot enough yet to head to the beach or hit the pool at grandma's , we just set it up in the backyard. He had a blast this past weekend with his cousins and splashing away, getting everyone wet.
I'm excited for this summer. Last year, Eidan was a wee little baby but this time he's old and big enough to stand in the wading pool. And I'll be more comfy taking him with me in the big pool.
"Hurry up putting this together, Dad!"
With cousin, Sami
Cousin Adrianna and friend
He went crazy over this car at Toys 'R Us

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Letters to Eidan: Month 16

My Dearest Eidan,

It's hard to believe that this time last year, you were only 4 months old. Your day consisted of sleeping, eating, pooping, and tummy time as you learned to roll over. Today, you are a rambunctious 16 month old. So very, VERY curious about everything and everyone. You still love music and dance to every upbeat song you hear (YouTube Video of you jamming in the car!) and you enjoy "singing" along with some of your favorite nursery songs.

You continue to amaze us with your antics and sometimes it's truly difficult for your Dad and I to not burst out laughing when you do some of the things you do. Oh, we try so very hard to look and act stern when you throw food and utensils all over the place. We struggle not to laugh when you try to climb up things you are not supposed to be on top of, or open doors you are not supposed to. Even with careful babyproofing of the house, you seem to figure it out quite quickly and efficiently how to un-babyproof!

You see, son, you have a very curious nature, and you find ways to satisfy this. At times, it gets messy as you learn that throwing food up in the air means it will come down again and plop on something... or someone. You've learned that if you run headfirst into a glass door, you cannot go through and you will get hurt. You've learned that your puppies love to play and when you throw the ball, they will chase it and bring it back to you.

Sometimes I look at you and imagine how it would be when you are a bit older and really know and understand what you are doing.

I hope we are building a strong foundation for you to become a kind, warmhearted, happy little kid. We love you, little peanut :)

Always and forever,
No tears as you get another haircut
Check out the mini mohawk!
Watch YouTube Video here

The shirts say it all

Just woke up hair

At the pet store checking out the Guinea pigs
"hmmm, should i ask mom and dad for it?"
Yep, you are definitely my mini-me!