Monday, August 27, 2012

First Tooth

A few weeks ago, Eidan turned into a Slobber Monster who put everything he could get his little hands on straight in his mouth. We have gone through this several months back and though he had a tooth coming in, but it turned out, he was just a drooly baby.

This time, accompanied by a slight fever, my little baby woke up with a shiny new tooth! It seemed to have just popped out overnight and when hubby and I got to his room to say Good Morning, there he was, standing up in his crib with a huge grin on his face!

It was pretty exciting for us, my little boy is growing up so fast. He will be 10 months in a week, and everyone tells me I need to start planning his birthday party. Wow, I still cannot believe how fast time has flown!

And here's a few random pics of the Slobber Monster, and a picture strip of our time at the beach last month.