Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Letters to Eidan: Month 4

My Dearest Eidan,

Today is your 5 month birthday! While they say March is one of the longer months, it seemed like Month 4 went by like a blur. It was another month of firsts, and you really never cease to amaze your Dad and I with how bright and alert you are.

Month 4 was when we started you on solids (read about it here). It's also when you started getting on your hands and knees and leapfrogging! Yes, you my little peanut, are so determined to get to your toys or whatever catches your attention that you are no longer satisfied with wriggling like a little worm. Instead, you've figured out that you can get on your hands and knees and "launch" yourself and it gets you farther, faster. I told your Dad, I think we really need to baby proof the house now! I took a few videos of it, and when you are old enough, you can watch them (Eidan's video) and see what a determined little baby you are.


I finally bought you a jumperoo, because holding up all 16lbs of you while you jump up and down on my lap is quite a workout. Now I understand why most moms have very toned and strong arms! You are limited to about 20-30 minutes of play in the jumperoo but you sure make every second count!

Your little bookshelf is getting filled up with more and more books, and I am happy that you still seem to enjoy our nightly routine of reading before bed. For the past few days, you've actually been the one turning the pages of your books! And you have figured out what the big red button on your mobile is for. You see me push it to turn on the lights and sounds of your mobile, and you've decided you can do it too!

We love to read
You've started sleeping better through the night, and that has been a very welcome change for both your Dad and I. Unfortunately, this month, you also got your first cold....in fact you are still recuperating from that. It breaks my heart to see you so uncomfortable, struggling to breathe through your stuffy nose, not sleeping well or eating well because you dont feel good. All I wanted was to wrap you up in a big hug and take all of that away! I would do anything to shield you from all the bad and painful things in this world, Eidan.

Getting checked out at the doctor's office (with Grandma)

I know that as you grow older and bigger, I cannot always be there to protect you through colds and fevers,  and all the other things life will throw your way. But your Dad and I both know that raising you well, with strong morals and beliefs, teaching you kindness and honor, showing you the importance of respect and love, will go a long way in life. I want to raise you to be the kind of boy, and eventually man, who will know how to stand up for himself, and for others.

Happy, happy baby!

I am excited to see what happens as you turn 5 (months). Like I said before, it is a year of firsts for us, and I am savoring each and every moment.

Love, always and forever,

Eidan's first Easter

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