Friday, December 7, 2012

First Plane Ride

When my husband told me he had a business trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I thought it was a good opportunity to tag along, get a few days off from work, and just enjoy visiting a new place. Plus, Eidan and I will be going on a long almost 24 hour plane ride to the Philippines this January, and I thought this trip could be our "trial run". I was quite anxious and read a lot of Mommy blogs and forums, as well as the TSA and FAA websites, for safety info, tips and tricks regarding travelling with a toddler. I packed almost everything I could think of for our 4 day stay in Santa Fe. So focused on Eidan's things, I completely forgot to pack my husband's belt which he needed for his business attire! Oops.

         ON the Plane, we requested Bulkhead seating and got it, yey!

Going through airport security was not as bad as i imagined it would be. I opted to carry Eidan in the Ergo carrier to leave my hands free and for him to feel more secure in such a strange and busy place. I put everything in ziplock bags and labeled it and had no problems with security. They let me carry him as I walked through the detector but they did swab my hands to check for explosive device residue.

At the gate, we requested bulkhead seating if it was available and we were lucky because it was granted! The bulkhead seats are definitely the way to go when travelling coach, especially with a toddler! The extra leg space gave him room to stand up and play around in until it was time for take off.

I've read some children are not bothered by the change in air pressure and do not get affected by the ear pressure. I am not sure if Eidan felt anything or not because he just cuddled up to me as we taxied down the runway, and as I softly hummed to him, he seemed to relax as the plane took off. There were times he lifted his head up, looked at me and his Dad and he seemed to feel different, but he just stayed calm and quiet. This was for all the flights we took to and from New Mexico (in fact, he had a fever on our flight back home, but he was still so well behaved and calm). I had a few people say they weren't even aware there was a baby right next to them! I was such a proud (and very much RELIEVED Mama).

 Our few days in Santa Fe was pleasant. Eidan and I spent most of the vacation by ourselves as the hubby was so busy with work. The inn we stayed at was so accommodating and homey, they even provided a stroller for me to use! So up and down the streets of downtown Santa Fe, Eidan and I went. It was so quaint, and simple and relaxed, it reminded me a lot of the city I grew up in the Philippines (Batangas City). Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the shopping experience was great as well. Lots of handmade silver jewelry, which I love. My favorite part of walking downtown was hanging out at the Plaza. Eidan would run around, chasing the birds, babbling hi to people, and pretty much charming all the old ladies that were there for their daily walks.

It was around 50' when we were there. Then it snowed a few days after we left

Museum of Native American Arts, Santa Fe Plaza and St. Francis Church

Eidan wanted to jump into the pool of Holy Water!
It was a beautiful, historical church.

This little trip definitely eased my mind about travelling in January (sans hubby) with the kiddo! A few pictures to remember Eidan's 1st plane ride and visit to Santa Fe. It was so beautiful, I definitely hope  we will be able to visit again!

Old Santa Fe Inn where we stayed was a few blocks from downtown

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Last year, my memories of Thanksgiving were a bit fuzzy. Having just given birth a week before that, I was still on pain killers, sleep and food deprived, and I was basically a walking zombie.

I do remember that my sister- in -law bought us a fried turkey, that my husband set everything up, and that my dad was there and we had a small, quiet family celebration. The baby slept for the 2 hours we were "celebrating", and then afterwards, he woke up hungry and that was the end of my 2011 Thanksgiving.

But the one thing that was very clear in my mind as I nursed him that day, was how grateful I was and how amazing it was that I was holding my little baby boy in my arms.

This year, it was once again a simple celebration at the in-laws house. And once again, i looked at my son, this year, sitting at the table with us, with his own plate of food (that he proceeded to throw everywhere instead of eat). I am so thankful for so many things- my family that has always, ALWAYS, loved me and supported me, my friends, having a job i love, a home, little luxuries in life that we can afford because we work hard.

And most of all, I am most thankful for my own little family-- my husband that works so hard to build a strong future for us, the person that stands beside me day in and day out, even though we get on each others nerves day in and day out! , and our son, this little miracle that has brought so much happiness to our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are al celebrating with your loved ones!

Day after Thanksgiving (family time at the park)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


This time last year, I was already at the hospital in labor. I remember praying throughout the day, that my little one would be born safely and in great health. After hours of pushing, I was told I had to have an emergency c-section and at 4:02 pm, Eidan finally joined us, the love of our lives from the moment we found out I was pregnant. It's been a hell of a year, being a parent has changed me in so many ways I never imagined. I am so happy that my son's first year was filled with love and laughter, and I hope he continues to grow up knowing how much he is loved. Happy 1st birthday, son. Mommy loves you, always.

We opted for a small, simple 1st birthday, with family and close friends. Since you love the Mickey Mouse clubhouse, we made that our theme and you, my little peanut, had so much fun with your party guests and all the presents you got! Here's the video of us singing "Happy Birthday" to you!

Goodie bags for the kids
Eidan's 1st year hilights
Happy Birthday, my love

Your 1st year was filled with so many highlights, but I can tell your favorite is when you learned to walk at 11 months. You love that you can now follow me around the house, walk up to your toys, toddle over to the room to visit with Daddy while he is working... it is so cute watching you do all the little things you do, with such amazement and excitement in your eyes!

Learning to eat with your own spoon and drinking from a sippy cup

Curious George for your 1st Halloween!

"Vroom, vroom"

You have such a generous nature, my child, always ready with a smile, sharing your toys with your friends, very loving and affectionate. We love you so much and here's to the next year, and many, many, many more happy ones!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I really thought I would be able to juggle working full time, being Eidan's main caregiver, and doing everything household related and blog daily... but the writing has fallen waaay in the back burner and I feel bad about it because I loved writing about my son's progress. So, a post is coming up soon about what's been going on with us. Stay tuned! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Tooth

A few weeks ago, Eidan turned into a Slobber Monster who put everything he could get his little hands on straight in his mouth. We have gone through this several months back and though he had a tooth coming in, but it turned out, he was just a drooly baby.

This time, accompanied by a slight fever, my little baby woke up with a shiny new tooth! It seemed to have just popped out overnight and when hubby and I got to his room to say Good Morning, there he was, standing up in his crib with a huge grin on his face!

It was pretty exciting for us, my little boy is growing up so fast. He will be 10 months in a week, and everyone tells me I need to start planning his birthday party. Wow, I still cannot believe how fast time has flown!

And here's a few random pics of the Slobber Monster, and a picture strip of our time at the beach last month.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can't get enough!

Sometimes I wonder, "Do all moms really feel this way?"

The feeling I am talking about is the one of absolute, pure, 110% love I have for my son. I cannot get enough of his smiles, his hugs and kisses, and no matter how bad my day is, he makes it all worth it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Baby's First Beach Trip

This weekend, my in-laws invited us to go to the beach for the day. I was very excited since it's been years for me, and it would be EIdan's first time to go. Unfortunately, his Daddy had to work, so it was just us, the grandparents, and great grandma.

It was the perfect day, the sun was shining, the water was a perfect not too hot, not to cold temperature. Eidan had a blast playing in the sand, going in the water with me and clinging on tightly as we jumped in and out of the waves. He got water splashed on his face but he didn't mind one bit!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Letters to Eidan: Month 7 and 8

My Dearest Eidan,

My little busy bee! You've added a lot of new tricks to your growing list of things that keep Mommy in awe of you.

Playing before school
In Month 7, you started using everything you could grab hold of to "walk" (YouTube video here). It's funny because you went from pulling yourself, to standing up, to trying to walk, and now at 8 months, you've decided you want to try crawling. Our entire house is now your big playground!

Big boy bath tub!
You continue to practice saying "Da-da" and "Ma-ma" and a whole lot of random little words and you love to dance, especially when you hear the theme song to "Bubble Guppies".

You love playing with your friends at daycare

Peek-a-Boo, I see you!

I go to bed at night so grateful to have you in my life, and I wake up knowing it's a new day to spend with you and experience life through your eyes.

Always and forever,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letters to Eidan: Month 5 and 6 in Pictures

My Dearest Eidan,

Because a picture is worth a thousand words... Here's a couple so you can see how busy you've been the past 2 months!

Grumpy Eidan (because I woke you up for this picture)
Hanging out with Daddy

We both got sick in Month 5...But we still had fun, like we always do

At 6 1/2 months, youi've started pulling yourself up to stand up

Silly time!

I couldn't resist...

Your first time in the swimming pool - Memorial Day weekend
(you loved that too, splashing around everywhere!)

Tired, but happy, after your pool adventure

Here you are, "helping" me with the laundry

I was putting your clothes away, and when I turned around, I saw this
(Yep, time to lower your crib mattress!)

You love your little shopping cart cover...
and the fact we were at Toys R Us to get you a new bath toy

You started daycare 3 weeks ago and you LOVE it!
And playing all day long knocks you out...
Sweet Dreams, my little man

You are still very much the happy little baby you've always been. Even at your daycare, everyone tells me you are a star, crawling all over the place, playing with the other kids, and smiling and laughing all the time. I am so glad you are growing up to be a very gragarious baby, always ready with your cute smile. In a few short days, it will be Month 7! Time is flying by so fast. I look at you, and cannot believe how much you've grown!

You are truly the light of my life, Eidan, and everyday, you amaze with all the things you do.

Love, always and forever,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Letters to Eidan: First time at the Park!

My Dearest Eidan,

Last weekend, your Daddy invited us to go with him at the park. While he went off to go bike riding, you and I hung out at the kid's playground. Granted, everyone was much older than you, but you seemed to enjoy watching all the hustle and bustle. You giggled when you heard other kids screaming and crying, and you laughed when you saw a little girl squeal with happiness when she went down the slide. So, I took you to the smallest slide, and down we went! At first you seemed scared, but then you realized it was fun, and you started laughing so hard!

Ready to hit the playground!

It's almost 6 months now, and you are proving to be a very happy, curious baby, Eidan. You look around you with such wonder and joy, that even simple things like the wind in your face makes you smile and giggle. You really seemed to enjoy being outdoors this weekend, and I hope to have many, many more fun memories like this with you!

Here's "drooling at 'ya", Mom

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mommy Musings: Eidan's smile

I've been MIA for a bit due to a surgery I had a few weeks back, and I am still recovering from it. After the C-section, and then this, my body is having a hard time bouncing back. In effect, I feel very... lackluster lately.

This feeling has been nagging me for a while now. I feel so emotionally, physically, and even spiritually drained. Work has been more demanding, and of course, having an infant at home takes up a LOT of time and energy. Add housechores to the mix, and you have one tired person right here. Trying to wear all the hats I need to (mother, wife, friend, employee, maid?, etc...) and at times, I just want to hide in a dark corner and cry. I've always prided myself on being a strong and independent person, but now, more than ever, I need support. I feel a bit lost. And unappreciated in a lot of ways.

What really gets me through not so good days is my son. Now, when I am having a bad day, when I am so sore and tired from everything I do, I think about him. I think about his antics and gurgles. I focus on the fact that he is healthy and not wanting for anything. Most of all, I remind myself that while I feel I am falling short on all the other things in my life-- I am not failing at the most important job of all, and that is being a Mother. No matter how stressful a deadline is, or how much people or things annoy me sometimes, I think of his smile. And that makes me smile as well, and remember that I have been blessed with the greatest gift of all.

Eidan's smile makes everything better!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I know, I know, I am so late to the party... But I finally downloaded and joined Instagram...

Now, my friends are trying to make me join Pinterest and Twitter too... Baby steps, friends, baby steps...

My mini herb garden - Sweet Basil and Chives

Beads for a necklace I am about to make

Come see what crazy pictures I come up with... follow ButterflyLilies on Instagram!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Letters to Eidan: Month 4

My Dearest Eidan,

Today is your 5 month birthday! While they say March is one of the longer months, it seemed like Month 4 went by like a blur. It was another month of firsts, and you really never cease to amaze your Dad and I with how bright and alert you are.

Month 4 was when we started you on solids (read about it here). It's also when you started getting on your hands and knees and leapfrogging! Yes, you my little peanut, are so determined to get to your toys or whatever catches your attention that you are no longer satisfied with wriggling like a little worm. Instead, you've figured out that you can get on your hands and knees and "launch" yourself and it gets you farther, faster. I told your Dad, I think we really need to baby proof the house now! I took a few videos of it, and when you are old enough, you can watch them (Eidan's video) and see what a determined little baby you are.


I finally bought you a jumperoo, because holding up all 16lbs of you while you jump up and down on my lap is quite a workout. Now I understand why most moms have very toned and strong arms! You are limited to about 20-30 minutes of play in the jumperoo but you sure make every second count!

Your little bookshelf is getting filled up with more and more books, and I am happy that you still seem to enjoy our nightly routine of reading before bed. For the past few days, you've actually been the one turning the pages of your books! And you have figured out what the big red button on your mobile is for. You see me push it to turn on the lights and sounds of your mobile, and you've decided you can do it too!

We love to read
You've started sleeping better through the night, and that has been a very welcome change for both your Dad and I. Unfortunately, this month, you also got your first fact you are still recuperating from that. It breaks my heart to see you so uncomfortable, struggling to breathe through your stuffy nose, not sleeping well or eating well because you dont feel good. All I wanted was to wrap you up in a big hug and take all of that away! I would do anything to shield you from all the bad and painful things in this world, Eidan.

Getting checked out at the doctor's office (with Grandma)

I know that as you grow older and bigger, I cannot always be there to protect you through colds and fevers,  and all the other things life will throw your way. But your Dad and I both know that raising you well, with strong morals and beliefs, teaching you kindness and honor, showing you the importance of respect and love, will go a long way in life. I want to raise you to be the kind of boy, and eventually man, who will know how to stand up for himself, and for others.

Happy, happy baby!

I am excited to see what happens as you turn 5 (months). Like I said before, it is a year of firsts for us, and I am savoring each and every moment.

Love, always and forever,

Eidan's first Easter