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Hi, I'm Liz- born and raised in the Philippines and a San Antonio, Texas resident since 2004.
February 04, 2014 - Blog "Redesign"
In 2011, after learning I was pregnant, I decided to blog about my journey to motherhood. I live in San Antonio, Texas (but my family are scattered all over the world -Philippines, across all 50 states, and around Asia) and this was going to be my way of sharing my adventures with them. I wanted to document everything about my son's life so they could be part of it as well. But at the same time, I was also so inlove with fashion and style blogs, DIY bloggers, lifestyle and shopping ones. I wanted to model my blog after all my favorite ones and I wanted to write about everything under the sun. In short, my blog has been all over the place, talking about this and that.

I wanted a wide audience, I would promote my blog on forums I was part of and did OOTD's (Outfit of the Day) and Polyvore lists... I forgot why I wanted to write in the first place and it made me not enjoy blogging. In a way, it felt so impersonal to me (because I was trying to write for an audience of strangers). The ones that I have always enjoyed writing, though, are my "Letters to Eidan" posts. And so I decided to change the name of my blog (from MommyTummy and also from Butterfly Lilies) to LETTERS TO EIDAN. Because at the end of the day, it is what I enjoy most... writing "letters" for my son to one day read and laugh and cry about.

And so, I look forward to 2014 and beyond, and sharing with my family and friends. And if you've stumbled upon my blog, I hope you enjoy reading it and taking a quick peek into my life as Eidan's mom.

Thank you for stopping by!
Why I started this blog?

Growing up, I always kept a journal and I would write down EVERYTHING! What I wore, who I spoke and played with, what I read. When I found out I was pregnant (March 2011), I decided to start his blog about my musings and adventures as a first time mom. I put away my pen and paper and joined the digital world to document my life for my son (and hopefully other future kiddos) to read one day and enjoy.

Having family and friends that live half a world away also inspired me to write via a blog platform. They may not see or talk to us everyday, but this is a way to keep in touch and let them know how we are doing and share our experiences as well.

Why ButterflyLilies?

Butterflies and Lilies are 2 of my favorite things. Butterflies are a symbol of growth and change. A life cycle. And Lilies, I found out, are a symbol of motherhood.

Come have a seat, and let's get to know each other!

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