Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday: Opportunity

In spite of my attempts to go fully digital, I still cannot help myself and bought a notebook to write in. I think the front cover says it all.

And this is my Inspiration Wednesday. Short and simple, but definitely to the point. It will be a reminder to myself that opportunity is EVERYWHERE, every single day. At work, at home, the opportunity to help out a stranger or put a smile on someone's face. It's everywhere. I just need to be more open to it and be ready to take the plunge.

What was the best opportuity you acted out on?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby's first Road Trip

Fredericksburg, Texas is one of my favorite places for a daytrip or a weekend stay. And this weekend, hubby and I took Eidan on his first roadtrip! Well, okay...technically his first one was a quick in and out trip to Dallas because my husband had to take care of some business for our company. But I'm not counting that!

Still a bit chilly here in Texas, I bundled up the little one and off we went! We met up with my aunt and uncle at Herb Farm, and had the most delicious lunch. Then we spent the rest of the day walking around main street Fredericksburg, window shopping, people watching, and just having a good time. Before heading home, we stopped by Rustlin Robs, one of my "musts" whenever we visit Fredericksburg. Here, I can walk around the entire store and taste every jam, dip, salsa, rub,marinade I want to my hearts content! And towards the back, they have homemade fudge and you can ask to try it out as well. Yum!

Eidan behaved great the entire trip. Like most babies I know, he LOVES car rides and usually knocks out. He loved seeing his great aunt and uncle and just hanging out with mom and dad.

I can't wait until he is a bit older and we can take him to more places we love and he will actually be able to comprehend what's going on around him!

Herb Farm

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Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Honey Ice cream

The restaurant uses fresh herbs and produce from the farm

Everyone loves taste testing at Rustlin Robs!


Mommy Look of the Day
Striped Cashmere Sweater
Pink Cashmere Scarf
Motorcycle Boots (found at JCPenney on sale from $100 to $29!)
Chanel Wallet on Chain

Comfy footwear is a must for a day of walking around

I love Pink and Gray together
Necklace- gift from my Dad to symbolize the year I was born (Year  of the Monkey, 1980)

My little guy is all smiles!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thinking Out Loud...

So, as I have mentioned in my About Me section, I've kept a (written) journal for as long as I can remember. I'd write down what happened, thoughts, random things, pretty much everything under the sun! And in college, living in a house with 6 people, I started writing down what I wore daily (to help me remember if anything was missing!).

A few months ago, while pregnant, I finally decided to "get with the program", as my husband told me. The program being the digital age. I figured it would be a good idea as it will also help me document my time being pregnant, my son's early years, and just chronicling my life in general.

However, I do realize that blogging takes away some of the privacy of having a journal (where I can pretty much write WHAT-EVER!). To address this, I'm thinking of writing about specific things on specific days (and maybe a Look of the Day post to go with it --because up to today, I still write down what I wore daily!)

Here are my ideas so far...just topics to help stay focused, and of course, me being me, I will still write about whatever is percolating in my little head [lol].

Monday Musings -
Tuesday -
Inspiration Wednesday (see my first post here)
Travel Thursday (places I've been to, or would love to go!)
Finally Friday -
Wee, its a Weekend - silly name... i know, i know...

I'm hoping having a daily theme will help me blog more regularly! I'd love to hear what you guys think!

Inspiration Wednesday: Josh Dueck

When I told a friend I wanted to do "Inspiration Wednesday" posts on my blog, she got really excited and started asking what outfit or item/s I would be spotlighting as the first post.

I told her, I did not want to write about fashion or style, but rather, people, events, photos, and quotes that inspire me. I want to make my Inspiration Wednesday about the inspiration that we see around us everyday.

I was all set to write about a specific event, but this morning, while feeding the little guy and watching Good Morning America before I left for work, I saw something that truly tugged at my heart.

Josh Dueck, a renowned skier, suffered a horrible accident in 2004 which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Now, after almost 8 years, of constant training and pushing his body and will to the limit, he did a momentous back flip at Whistler-Blackcomb. He has been quoted saying, "How you see the world shapes what you can do". I am in complete agreement of this. We cannot let accidents,failures, negativity, and other people put us down. We need to continue to believe in ourselves and never let anything stop us from achieving our dreams.

Here is a link for you to see how this amazing man lived his dreams in spite of the obstacles.

Sources: Wikepedia and Good Morning America

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look of the Day: Mellow Yellow

I've slowly learned that as a mom to an infant, I have 2 choices in handbags: a crossbody bag or a big bag to throw everything in.

Since I already have a few crossbody bags, I decided to get a big tote. I know Pantone said Tangerine is THE color of 2012, but I couldn't help falling in love with this mustard yellow leather tote. It fits diapers and bottles for days when I don't want to carry the little guy's diaper bag.

Most of my other bags are black, brown, and gray. Red has always been my go to POP of color. But this year, I've decided to venture into other shades in the color wheel.

I love the purple lining on this bag! and the skirt I bought today even matches it perfectly!

Christopher Kon tote (TJMaxx)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mommy Bags

Before my son, my bags of choice have always been big, bigger, and biggest! I like toting around everything because, "you never know!". I thought I could use my big bags as diaper bags and be practical AND chic.

Fast forward to now. I've quickly learned juggling my son, a purse, and a diaper bag is not so easy. I have (sadly) boxed up a lot of my bags and taken out my smaller ones and even bought a couple of new crossbody bags. This way, I have something that holds my personal, important items (i.e. wallet, phone, lipbalm). I can throw it in the diaper bag, or have it on me while I'm carrying the little guy around.

Here are my "mommy bags" of the moment. Other moms out there, how do you do the juggling act?

Louis Vuitton Pochettes (with long strap used for both)
Kate Spade Scout
Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch and 3 zip crossbody bag
Chanel Wallet on Chain
Kate Spade Scouts (found at Marshalls for less than a quarter of retail price!)

Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch and 3 Zip crossbody
(Nordstrom Rack, both on sale for 60% off)

A year ago... in Chicago

This time last year, I was making plans with my girl friends for a weekend trip to Chicago. I was going to be there for work, and decided to stay through the weekend.

My long-time friends, Cloe (from NYC) and Sam (from L.A.) joined me for a weekend of food, laughter, and a green river!

We spent the weekend walking around Chicago, hitting Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, going to the top of the John Hancock building, taking pictures with the Bean. It was a great weekend filled with laughter and memories, spent with friends that I've known since I was 6 years old.

I am always very grateful that I have friends from my childhood that I am still friends with now. Those special people are like sisters and brothers to me. Years may go by without us seeing each other or even talking to one another, but when we do get to spend time together, it is as if the years melt away.

The older I get, the more I realize that true friends are indeed a treasure!