Friday, March 2, 2012

Letters to Eidan: Month 3

My dearest Eidan,

IN a few days, you will be 4 months. I cannot believe how time has flown. You've been such a motor mouth this month! You love to talk to me and tell me about your day when I'm cuddling you after I get home from work. You talk to your dad when he is giving you a bath. You talk to the puppies. It reminds me of myself when I was a baby too. Based on what your grandpa told me, he would have to say "Let's turn off the Martita Radio!"  just to get me to be quiet for a bit.

As the weather has gotten warmer, we've been going out for stroller rides around the neighborhood. Discovering how yummy your hands and toes are have brought countless hours of entertainment for you. You've started really watching and responding to Curious George, gurgling with laughter at all his antics. Tummy time is no longer a chore - you get excited whenever we put you down on your playmat. You rolled over from your back to your tummy (Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012)! It was the middle of the night, and your dad woke me up because he said you were making weird sounds. So we went to your room, and saw you smiling at us because you woke yourself up when you rolled over. We were all giddy excited at 3 a.m.!

Yummy hands!

You have been going through a growth spurt this past few days. Getting up several times a night to feed you has turned Mommy into a zombie- cranky and irritable with everyone. But one smile from you, my little peanut, erases all the fatigue and sleepless nights.

I think my favorite part of Month 3 is that we have established our bedtime routine of reading. I love to read, and I hope to share this with you as you grow up. I love sitting in the rocker, holding you and reading to you. You laugh at the different voices I use to tell you the stories, and you reach out to touch the brightly colored pages of your bedtime book. To get you ready for "night-night", I hum the same bedtime song that your Lolo Henry sang to me when I was a child.

Sometimes I think the bedtime routine takes longer than it should because I just want to sit there and hold you.

and Yummy toes!

I love you so much, Eidan. Every day is a new learning experience for both you and I. Pretty soon, I will wake up and you will be 14 years old and not want to be seen hugging your mom in public! But until then, you are my little man, and I know I can get all the hugs I need.

Love, always and forever,

Out for a walk on a beautiful day

*** March 04, 2012 - You rolled over from your back to your tummy!

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