Thursday, November 22, 2012


Last year, my memories of Thanksgiving were a bit fuzzy. Having just given birth a week before that, I was still on pain killers, sleep and food deprived, and I was basically a walking zombie.

I do remember that my sister- in -law bought us a fried turkey, that my husband set everything up, and that my dad was there and we had a small, quiet family celebration. The baby slept for the 2 hours we were "celebrating", and then afterwards, he woke up hungry and that was the end of my 2011 Thanksgiving.

But the one thing that was very clear in my mind as I nursed him that day, was how grateful I was and how amazing it was that I was holding my little baby boy in my arms.

This year, it was once again a simple celebration at the in-laws house. And once again, i looked at my son, this year, sitting at the table with us, with his own plate of food (that he proceeded to throw everywhere instead of eat). I am so thankful for so many things- my family that has always, ALWAYS, loved me and supported me, my friends, having a job i love, a home, little luxuries in life that we can afford because we work hard.

And most of all, I am most thankful for my own little family-- my husband that works so hard to build a strong future for us, the person that stands beside me day in and day out, even though we get on each others nerves day in and day out! , and our son, this little miracle that has brought so much happiness to our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are al celebrating with your loved ones!

Day after Thanksgiving (family time at the park)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


This time last year, I was already at the hospital in labor. I remember praying throughout the day, that my little one would be born safely and in great health. After hours of pushing, I was told I had to have an emergency c-section and at 4:02 pm, Eidan finally joined us, the love of our lives from the moment we found out I was pregnant. It's been a hell of a year, being a parent has changed me in so many ways I never imagined. I am so happy that my son's first year was filled with love and laughter, and I hope he continues to grow up knowing how much he is loved. Happy 1st birthday, son. Mommy loves you, always.

We opted for a small, simple 1st birthday, with family and close friends. Since you love the Mickey Mouse clubhouse, we made that our theme and you, my little peanut, had so much fun with your party guests and all the presents you got! Here's the video of us singing "Happy Birthday" to you!

Goodie bags for the kids
Eidan's 1st year hilights
Happy Birthday, my love

Your 1st year was filled with so many highlights, but I can tell your favorite is when you learned to walk at 11 months. You love that you can now follow me around the house, walk up to your toys, toddle over to the room to visit with Daddy while he is working... it is so cute watching you do all the little things you do, with such amazement and excitement in your eyes!

Learning to eat with your own spoon and drinking from a sippy cup

Curious George for your 1st Halloween!

"Vroom, vroom"

You have such a generous nature, my child, always ready with a smile, sharing your toys with your friends, very loving and affectionate. We love you so much and here's to the next year, and many, many, many more happy ones!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I really thought I would be able to juggle working full time, being Eidan's main caregiver, and doing everything household related and blog daily... but the writing has fallen waaay in the back burner and I feel bad about it because I loved writing about my son's progress. So, a post is coming up soon about what's been going on with us. Stay tuned!