Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letters to Eidan: Open wide!

My Dearest Eidan,

At your 4 month wellness check-up, the doctor gave us the go signal to start feeding you solids. I was so excited, yet sentimental at the same time. I installed your space saver high chair and started crying. Because, son, you now have your place at the family table. Just like that, my little man is no longer such a little baby. For your first time though, I put you on your Daddy's lap so you would feel more safe and familiar. We fed you Earth's Best Sweet Potatoes, and you seemed to love it!

Of course, I busted out the camera and took tons of pictures and videos! I have to have something to show you when you're older! You looked so cute, relishing the strange texture and taste. I thought you would make weird faces, but all you kept giving us were toothless, orangey smiles.

It is so rewarding to see you grow stronger, healthier, and happier each day. Your doctor told me you are so advanced for your age, rolling over, "crawling", standing up and sitting down with minimal support, and doing the "superman" when you are on your tummy. He mentioned how talkative and alert you are, and his praises made my heart sing. I don't care what percentile you are in someone's chart; all I care about is that I see you happy and developing.

I've decided to make your baby food myself. Hopefully, you will like it as much as the store bought ones! Your dad pointed out its extra work for your already work stressed and tired mom, but I don't care. It's an hour out of a day that I'm happy to give up.

Love, always and forever,

This is what's for dinner? Yummy!

I'm more interested in the bib, Mom

Come on, open wide, Eidan

Touchdown! Mmmm, yummy

All done!

** First Feeding (and pictures) dated March 13, 2012

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  1. How sweet!! My babies cried when they first started solid. Luckily they loved it afterwards. Now they want what we eat :-)