Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday, Mommy Guilty Pleasure: Mmmm...Chocolate

We all have our little guilty pleasures, right? One of mine is chocolate- lots and lots of chocolate! If Willy Wonka's factory was real, I would've eaten all those chocolate bars too just to get a golden ticket and visit the factory and jump into a yummy pool of creamy chocolate. Mmmm...

Today, I have 2 guilty pleasures. The first is courtesy of my lovely friend, Sharon, who loves to cook and bake. She's already famous for her chocolate cupcakes, but she upped the ante today. She started with half an oreo base, her chocolate cupcake, topped that with home made frosting, and then the other half of the oreo. I am in hog heaven right now.


And the second guilty pleasure of the day is an Upside Down Chocolate Flan courtesy of another generous co-worker, who left the flan in the breakroom for all to enjoy!  I love working in an office where people cook and bake and then share it with everyone! I think I am going to be "chocolate wasted"!

Layers of Chocolate goodness and Flan!

Hey, from time to time, we just have to indulge these little guilty pleasures, right?!

So, what's yours?

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