Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy Musings and MLD: It ain't easy being green

It was a pretty quiet weekend. On Friday, we were at the doctor's office for a check-up (no gestational diabetes, whew!) and the 3D ultrasound. Unfortunately, Baby E is currently in frank breech position (both his legs over his head) so we did not get clear pictures. We get a second try in a few weeks. I have to be honest, it worried me, but the technician was telling me to relax because I still have 12 weeks for Baby E to turn into the correct birthing position... So I'm keeping my fingers crossed he does it before I go into labor!

On the home front, I put together 2 bookshelves and a mini cabinet for the nursery, and it is slowly coming along. I think I will be done with it by this coming weekend (If my husband finds the time to get the rocking recliner from my sis-in -law, that is!).

I mostly stayed at home, but on Saturday, hubs and I hit Cracker Barrel. Since San Antonio is still in the triple digits, I opted for a simple maxi dress and tried to keep cool.

The wait at Cracker Barrel is never boring, there's so much to look at!
I am loving all these apple thingimabobs (my kitchen has a red/apple theme)

At Cracker Barrel

Accessories of the day

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  1. Beautiful in green my friend!=) love your accessories specially the necklace and the bracelet! ( i collect handpainted and beaded bangles and those chunky bracelets too!)Say hello to Baby E from me!=))