Monday, August 8, 2011

MLD: Running Errands

I spent the weekend running errands EVERYWHERE! The bank, grocery store, baby store, pet store, home improvement and automotive stores. Everywhere. And it's just been crazy hot here in Texas. We have been in the triple digits for over a month now and it's crazy when I hear other parts of the nation and the world are getting bombarded with rain.

My secret weapon for this heat is lugging around a gallon size Igloo water bottle with lots of ice and refreshing water. Sunshades in the car, and a hat for me are must-haves right now.


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Comfy flip-flops and a small bag are all I need!

Silver and Turquoise cuff bracelet (pawnshop find for $15)
and Mother of Pearl stenciled earrings from Forever 21

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Necklace was handmade for me by my step-mom!
Straw Hat: Macy's


  1. I love that necklace your step-mom made!

  2. Thank you! WHat's even more awesome is that she made it from shells we picked up while on the beach for vacation.