Thursday, August 11, 2011

MLD: Too busy for a Thursday

Today was a busy day at work, and thankfully I was wearing super comfy clothes and shoes. I spent most of the day on my feet, but with comfy shoes, it wasn't so bad. I probably needed the exercise anyway!

Breezy, stretchy red top and skirt
I bought the black patent shoes last year, and found the red ones on sale a few months ago
Black Patent YSL Multy bag

I was beat from work, so I was not up for cooking tonight. Convinced hubby to go with me for some Indian food. I love changing the look of an outfit by simply changing the accessories I wear. For dinner, I swapped my big bag for a little one and my brand new (size and a half bigger, thanks to swollen feet) Nine West shoes. I love these shoes! And Nine West is having their end of summer sale, and I got these for 60% off. Yey! 


  1. hi,I saw your muse two pics at purse forum ysl with this blog mentioned...wonder why there is no muse two pics in your blog here...coz I saw your post with price posted and would like to ask if you regret buying it regular-priced. I just got one regular-priced and thinking of returning it, what do you think? any reply is appreciated. thank you!

    1. Hi there! I do still use my Muse and love this bag as it is simple, spacious, and for the most part, lightweight (which is a must for me right now). I actually have a pic from last year when i was pregnant in this post: Baby got Black

      I was actually just using my Muse last week, but I rotate through bags often, so sometimes it takes a while for me to use a purse again. I think the Muse is a great bag, aside from the reasons I cited above, it fits on my shoulders too, and its timeless. I know it was the "IT" bag a few years back, but i think it surpasses trends. You dont really see many bags with that style (half dome shape). Is there a reason you are having second thoughts...?