Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mommy Musings: Gifts and Gift Registries

Everyone has been asking me for my gift registry, and while I've started on 3 (Amazon, BabiesRUs, and Target), I am honestly not sure if I am even adding the correct things to it. Every "Essentials List" I see/read are different! There ARE some basics, which I've added, but for the rest, it's been taking me a while to read product and consumer reviews.

In spite of that, a few of my friends have already given me little baby gifts. One of my closest and dearest, Cloe, just moved (out of the country), but before she left, she made sure she sent Baby E lots of gifts. It was such a great surprise, and I am truly lucky to have such awesome chicas!

One of the first gifts Baby E received (or this is actually more for me, I think) is a pretty cute photo frame. My friend Sharon  gave it to me at work on day, and when I saw it, i just about melted! Funny story about it-- when I saw the photo frame, I said "How did you get my baby's picture?! I haven't sent that out to anyone!". She looked at me funny and pointed out, it was the stock photo that came with the frame. I guess a lot of baby sonogram pics look the same, haha.

I put Baby E's picture in the frame and it sits on my desk here at work, so I can look at it when I'm having a stressful day and remind myself what a little blessing I have with me right now. Is it weird that I am already inlove with my son before I've even met him?

Left- stock photo
Right- Baby E

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