Friday, December 7, 2012

First Plane Ride

When my husband told me he had a business trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I thought it was a good opportunity to tag along, get a few days off from work, and just enjoy visiting a new place. Plus, Eidan and I will be going on a long almost 24 hour plane ride to the Philippines this January, and I thought this trip could be our "trial run". I was quite anxious and read a lot of Mommy blogs and forums, as well as the TSA and FAA websites, for safety info, tips and tricks regarding travelling with a toddler. I packed almost everything I could think of for our 4 day stay in Santa Fe. So focused on Eidan's things, I completely forgot to pack my husband's belt which he needed for his business attire! Oops.

         ON the Plane, we requested Bulkhead seating and got it, yey!

Going through airport security was not as bad as i imagined it would be. I opted to carry Eidan in the Ergo carrier to leave my hands free and for him to feel more secure in such a strange and busy place. I put everything in ziplock bags and labeled it and had no problems with security. They let me carry him as I walked through the detector but they did swab my hands to check for explosive device residue.

At the gate, we requested bulkhead seating if it was available and we were lucky because it was granted! The bulkhead seats are definitely the way to go when travelling coach, especially with a toddler! The extra leg space gave him room to stand up and play around in until it was time for take off.

I've read some children are not bothered by the change in air pressure and do not get affected by the ear pressure. I am not sure if Eidan felt anything or not because he just cuddled up to me as we taxied down the runway, and as I softly hummed to him, he seemed to relax as the plane took off. There were times he lifted his head up, looked at me and his Dad and he seemed to feel different, but he just stayed calm and quiet. This was for all the flights we took to and from New Mexico (in fact, he had a fever on our flight back home, but he was still so well behaved and calm). I had a few people say they weren't even aware there was a baby right next to them! I was such a proud (and very much RELIEVED Mama).

 Our few days in Santa Fe was pleasant. Eidan and I spent most of the vacation by ourselves as the hubby was so busy with work. The inn we stayed at was so accommodating and homey, they even provided a stroller for me to use! So up and down the streets of downtown Santa Fe, Eidan and I went. It was so quaint, and simple and relaxed, it reminded me a lot of the city I grew up in the Philippines (Batangas City). Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and the shopping experience was great as well. Lots of handmade silver jewelry, which I love. My favorite part of walking downtown was hanging out at the Plaza. Eidan would run around, chasing the birds, babbling hi to people, and pretty much charming all the old ladies that were there for their daily walks.

It was around 50' when we were there. Then it snowed a few days after we left

Museum of Native American Arts, Santa Fe Plaza and St. Francis Church

Eidan wanted to jump into the pool of Holy Water!
It was a beautiful, historical church.

This little trip definitely eased my mind about travelling in January (sans hubby) with the kiddo! A few pictures to remember Eidan's 1st plane ride and visit to Santa Fe. It was so beautiful, I definitely hope  we will be able to visit again!

Old Santa Fe Inn where we stayed was a few blocks from downtown

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