Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun in the Sun

It's starting to get warmer in San Antonio and I finally caved in and bought a water play table (Little Tikes Endless Adventures Spiralin' Seas) for Eidan. This kid LOVES the water! Since its not hot enough yet to head to the beach or hit the pool at grandma's , we just set it up in the backyard. He had a blast this past weekend with his cousins and splashing away, getting everyone wet.
I'm excited for this summer. Last year, Eidan was a wee little baby but this time he's old and big enough to stand in the wading pool. And I'll be more comfy taking him with me in the big pool.
"Hurry up putting this together, Dad!"
With cousin, Sami
Cousin Adrianna and friend
He went crazy over this car at Toys 'R Us

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