Monday, April 29, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I had a day off from work this past week, and it finally gave me time to do a few house projects I've been meaning to get to. Of course, this all happened after doing several loads of laundry, preparing and freezing our week's worth of slow cooker meals (I've just started doing this, we'll see how it goes!), and cleaning the house.

I love browsing Pinterest and a lot of the ideas I find there are really so cute! I got some Ikea Ribba picture ledges and placed it behind the door for a little reading nook. Still have 2 shelves to put up, but Eidan is already going crazy about his new "library"!

I also finally framed the "1st Year milestones" I made for his birthday last November. I used a frame that I had lying around (also from Ikea). I cannot believe just a few short months ago, my little one had just turned one (read about it here)

 And speaking of growing up, he just keeps climbing on everything!!

And at the park this weekend, he showed me that he is a big boy and he can go down the slide ALL BY HIMSELF (cue sniffling sound from Mom as I realize how independent he really is getting). I managed to get a quick Video because his cousin was able to keep an eye on him.
My little man will be 18 months this May. Time is flying by so fast, sometimes I still can't believe how much things change from day to day. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I miss so many of his moments because I am at work, but I know this is all worth it. He is growing up beautifully, healthy, happy, and very curious about the world around him. And at the end of the day, no matter how tired I am from work, or how cranky I may be from lack of rest and sleep, his smile makes everything better!


  1. Please keep us updated on how the freezing future crock pot meals works for you. I want to try that but I need some more feedback first! lol Great post!

    ~Jessica Scott

  2. What great pictures. My 3 kids grew up from babies so fast but telling them some of the stuff they did is so much fun and I get to remember those moments again.