Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letters to Eidan: Month 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21...

Look Ma, I'm planking (hehe)
Yes... Mommy has been slacking on the letter writing, I'm so sorry, my love.

My Dearest Eidan,

It's almost the end of Summer, and you are almost 2 years old... Your dad and I have been talking about your 2nd birthday party for a while now. I think we've decided to have it at the park, where we can hang out at the covered pavilion and run around the playground next to it. Like last year, we do not plan to do anything fancy (I am saving all the big birthday brouhaha for when you are old enough to ask for what you want). But unlike last year (where we kept it small and at home), I plan to invite your daycare family, as well as more of mommy and daddy's friends. I am quite excited for November. In the meantime, I am enjoying watching you grow up more and more each day.

Let's see... the past few months have been a big discovery for you. More and more teeth have come in, you started toddler soccer classes, your vocabulary has grown exponentially, and so has your sense of humour! You've grown more definite in what you want, like and don't like. And you have no problems expressing your dissatisfaction with anything! I feel so happy when your teachers tell me that you are growing up to be a very loving and affectionate little boy. That you are the one that comforts your little friends when they cry or fall down and get hurt. At the same time, the incident reports have become more frequent as they narrate to me how you spill water on the floor and run and slide through it (at the same time "inspiring" your friends to do so as well).
Feeding time is still a bit of a challenge- you are a VERY picky eater. It seems no matter what food I try to get you to taste, we end up with good old Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti, Chicken tenders and bread. You love your carbs. But i've started juicing fruits and veggies for you, and give you that at least once a day, so I hope it somehow makes up for the fact that you refuse to eat "real" fruits and veggies.
Everyday, you continue to amaze me, and your dad pokes fun of me when I get misty eyed whenever you do or say something. Like the other day, when you said "Daddy, sit down. Eat, please". I feel so proud and at the same time, so sad! I'm sure that does not make much sense to you. Perhaps when you are all grown up and a parent yourself, you will get it. In the meantime, here's a few snapshots of the past few months!
Always and Forever,
Vroom, vroom

At soccer class

Look at that grin!

You've grown up so much!


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